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First Visit:

The first visit will last approx. 30 minutes. This allows time for a proper healthy history to be conducted and a physical exam to be performed. The chiropractor will then come to a diagnosis based on all relevant information gathered. A treatment plan will be created and discussed with you. Once agreed upon, treatment can begin. Treatment is usually rendered on the initial visit.

Subsequent Visit:

Subsequent visits typically last 15-20 minutes. Treatment performed will be based on the treatment that was discussed on your initial visit. The chiropractor will always make sure you feel comfortable with all techniques before proceeding.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a variety of hands-on techniques to assess and treat soft tissue injuries of the body. Some positive effects of therapeutic massage include:

  • improved circulation
  • decreased pain
  • inflammation
  • improved mobility
  • relaxation & stress reduction

Many people have questions regarding massage:

Does it hurt?

No! There may be some discomfort due to the injury. Inflamed and sprained muscles may feel sore after/during treatment.

Are therapists registered?

Yes! Every massage therapist at In Touch is registered and we also direct bill to most insurance companies!

Do I need a prescription?

That is dependent on your extended health benefits plan. Some insurance companies will require a prescription from a medical doctor explaining why massage has been recommended. You can call your insurance company and they will be happy to tell you if you require one.

If I am pregnant, can I still have a massage?

Yes! It is actually recommended to help women who suffer from a variety of aches and pains. Our clinic is equipped with several different styles of pillows to ensure maximum comfort.